• This recipe is low sodium with no MSG.

  • 1/4 cup of sweet paprika
  • a heaping tablespoon (use more or less depending on your personal preferences) of each of the following:
  •   • fresh ground black pepper
  •   • garlic powder
  •   • onion powder
  •   • Mexican oregano
  •   • ground cumin
  •   • chipotle pepper powder


Mix all the ingredients in a spice mill or rub through a fine sieve. Store it in an air-tight jar in a cool dark place.

I like this mix to be spicy and a little hot but not seriously nuclear meltdown hot. You go ahead and make it the way you want.

After you make this Adobo Mix, try it in some homemade Tortilla Soup.

PLEASE NOTE Don't confuse this Mexican-style Adobo spice mixture with the national dish of the Philippines called Adobo. The latter Adobo refers to a stewed meat dish cooked in a sauce that includes vinegar and spices.


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