Title Banner: Fox Street Walls
Fox Street
August 2000
Fox Street
June 2001
Fox Street
August 2002
Fox Street
August 2003
Fox Street
September 2003

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All of these photo sets are pictures of the same two walls on Fox Street at Laurel Canyon. For many years I drove past these walls and marveled at the ever-changing pieces. And the exceptional use of color.

The work was so good however that I often felt sad when new work covered up the old. So, in August 2000, I took some pictures for myself. Now I have this web site and want to share.

You can always tell when new work is about to go up—somebody mows down the tall grass and weeds on the lot.


WRITERS!!! — If anything on there pages is your work please email me some information about yourself and your other pieces. I would be pleased to give you a credit and include your comments, too. To send me an email click here.


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