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Fresh Produce
April 2001
Fresh Produce
November 2002
Fresh Produce
December 2002
Fresh Produce
January 2003
Fresh Produce
May 2003
Fresh Produce
June 2003
Fresh Produce
August 2003

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These pictures, like the ones in the Fox Street albums, are all photos of the same walls taken over several years.

Before the spring of 2001 the walls to the east and west of the Fresh Produce stand on Van Nuys Boulevard had never had anything but the crudest tags and throwies. Then one morning in April 2001 there was art everywhere.

The low, staggered walls to the west of the store were covered with beautiful golden swirls on deep blue. The east walls had planets in muted colors. The final northwest panel had a signature piece. This was up for a long time and stayed relatively free from random tags.

Since then all the new pieces have been on the east walls. The west walls are covered with tags with just a hint of the swirls from 2001.

My photos cover every major change in what's up on the walls at that corner since the spring of 2001.


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