Title Banner: North Valley Walls
Arleta Avenue 1
September 2000
Laurel Canyon
January 2002
Around the Valley
2001 & 2002
Around the Valley
Arleta Avenue 2
June 2003

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Here are some albums of photos from all over the North Valley. Most of the originals of these images no longer exist. One of them however, the Arleta Avenue 1 piece, is still up and in very good shape. Nuke touched it up in 2002 and as of September 2003 it remains fresh and undamaged.

As you look around my part of the valley you'll see some great writing and some that's not so good. I try to aim high. And include the best. Of course there is some wonderful stuff outside this area. I just decided to keep track of my immediate surroundings and how the nearby walls change over time.


WRITERS!!! — If anything on there pages is your work please email me some information about yourself and your other pieces. I would be pleased to give you a credit and include your comments, too. To send me an email click here.


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