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Many of these links could be listed here under more than one header, Gary Price's Fast Facts for example. However each one is listed only once and it is in the category I thought was the most likely. My intention is to list only free sites. With Guide Star and some others there is a form to submit before you can use the database. This is to keep the robots out — and why the hidden web is hidden.

If you have favorites that ought to be here please let me know. There's an email link at the bottom of this page. Now go explore.


For more information about searching the Internet, including how to find the “Hidden” Web, read Laurianne McLaughlin's article, Beyond Google, in the April 2004 issue of PC World Magazine.

  • Government Data &
    Public Records
  • For government information, records, census figures, economic data, business projections, tax forms or environmental impact statements these sites are worth a look:
  • has data from the Population Reference Bureau. For U.S. federal government data, forms and links look at And then there's Gary Price's Fast Facts, full of facts, statistical reports and reference tools.
  • Here are links to members of the U.S. Congress: Senate and House.
  • As of March 2004 Search Systems offered 17,965 free public records.
  • At Ken's Interactive USA Map you can click on a state and go to that state's official web site.
  • Guide Star has a database of non-profit organizations. It is to help them with fund-raising and proposal writing but there is a wonderful feature for the nosey person — salaries. All non-profits have to submit a federal tax form 990 with all the financial facts. And at Guide Star you can download it all.
  • Food & Dining
  • All of these sites let you search on a variety of topics including easy of preparation and key ingredients.
  • Betty Crocker
  • Epicurious
  • Food TV's Recipe Search

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