Welcome to my web site. My goal as a designer is to create fast-loading, easy to navigate pages. You will need to use a recent version of Internet Explorer or Netscape. The pages don't always look right if you use some other browser.

The site is now in its third stage. The design of this page is from version 2.0 and it was also used as a template for the Version 2.0 home page.

As you go through my site you will see a variety of page styles, navigation systems and color combinations--samples of different solutions to differing design questions. Let me know which ones you like a lot and which ones you don't.

If you need me to create a site for you or to update the one you already have please get in touch with me.

Have fun here,
Ken Young

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New pages on finding the right college and how to get in; a page of my Flash animation examples; a page devoted to using Fireworks to create 3-D stereograms. Also there will be expanded pages of information on books, authors, visual arts and music.


March 2004 — Prior to moving from California to Florida, added a page of Pensacola area links.
February 2004 — Added a site-wide search feature and a 404 Error Page to help lost visitors find what they are looking for.
January 2004 — new, on the the web design page, info on HTML special character codes along with code charts.
November 2003 — separated general photo albums from photos of graffiti walls and redesigned the graffiti pages.

August 2003 — uploaded a revised site design, Version 3.0, with more Flash animations, a more compact look and my first extensive use of CSS: Cascading Style Sheets.
February 2003 — added two more photo albums of graffiti from the Fresh Produce site.
February 2003 — created new page, Job Links, dedicated to career planning and job searches.
December 2002 — uploaded revised Travel page.
November 2002 — uploaded redesigned Awards page and Museums page.
October 2002 — major changes to the Travel and Music pages.
October 2002 — News page revised and redesigned.
October 2002 — new home page and opening navagation system<.br> October 2002 — more graffiti walls added to the Photo Albums page.

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In June 2004 I left California and now live in Pensacola, Florida. For 30 years before this move I lived in Los Angeles. In 2001 I retired after 25 years as a college admission officer. Now I have the time to get involved in web site design. The site got going in April 2002. It started out, and remains, mostly links to my favorite sites. There's lots of variety so there's a good chance you'll find someting of interest here for you.

After taking classes in both Adobe and Macromedia web design programs I find I like the Macromedia products better. The first version of this site was hand-coded in HTML. In this current version I used mostly Dreamweaver, HTML, Fireworks, Flash and ActionScript. And here and there a bit of Freehand, JavaScript, Photoshop, ImageReady and Illustrator.

I promise you will find no blinking text, no under-constrction signs and no embedded sounds.

In general, although it isn't totally PG-rated, it certainly is not XXX. But be careful, it's a site of links to other sites. And I can't predict where they can take you.

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